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You look ready to challenge the business problems now. To know facts on real grounds about competitive coding, tighten your belt and jump into small coding challenges for next 30 days. This program will help you to understand the concept utmost required to participate in coding competitions.


Your first day for setting up a coding environment for you

Go thorough common fundamentals in every language

Gradually Start learning BIG O

Space complexity is important

Sort & Search for building ALGOS

Flexible relationships(Graphs)

Complex traversals

Your profiling as a good coder

Ask your value to interviewer

What next for you?


Days : 30
Time : 15 - 20 days online session each day


Rs.5,999 (Offer Price: Rs.2,499)
(Excluding taxes)


Pankaj Bahuguna

(MPhil, MCA, M.Sc)

Himanshu Shukla

(MCA from HBTI)

Himanshu Shekhar

(MCA from Delhi University)


Certification of completion from Jump Academy

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Make Your Presence : Portfolio Building Blueprint


Power of Communities : Be Part of some


121 Strategy Session with experts: 20 Minutes


Product Course Content

1. Setting your Development Environment
2. Quick Recap of general Programming constructs

1. What is modularity?
2. How Modular code increases maintainability?
3. Is your code is a good code?

1. What is Scalability
2. Big O and Scalability together
3. First Big O: O(n)
4. Second Big O: O(1)
5. Third Big O: O(n^2)
6. Rules of Big O Calculation
7. Fourth Big O: O(log n
8. Space Complexity
9. 3 Pillars of an Algorithms

1. Understand Data Structure
2. Different Languages: Part 1: Common Practice of Structuring

1. Grouping similar items: Array
2. LIFO: Last In First Out
3. FIFO: First In First Out

1. Sorting & Algorithms
2. Searching and Traversing
3. Recursive vs Iterative

1. Different Languages: Part 2: Common Practice of Structuring Data (Tree)
2. Different Languages: Part 3: Common Practice of Structuring Data (Graph)
3. Graphs differs in context they used

1. Big brands like Google hires mainly based on individual Analytical thinking (very specific).

2. Amazon/Microsoft will cover more classic skills (Object-oriented design, Coding, Data structures and "basic" algorithms).

3. The thought process needs to be aligned with what a recruiter is looking for.

Roadmap of building your skills on new technologies of 21st century.
Life time engagement in Jump Academy activities.

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Tech Productivity Challenge (Online) Course Details


Working and budding techies at beginner level of experience (0-5 years)
Fresh pass-out graduates aspiring for job in pay master companies
Pursuing engineering graduates who want edge over competition

Clearing interviews at beginner level (0 -5 years experience)
Lifetime useful when building up an algorithm of a business solution

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