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Do you know competitive coding is a sport. Take any sport as an example, let's consider football, you walk in to hit for the first time and you miss the goal, do it couple of times and one fine day you hit to a goalpost. Now, consider a coding contest as a game of football. Develop and compile your code and submit, you may get wrong answer.

Make changes to code and eventually you will get your first running accepted code. Walk right into the problem you are going to resolve, you will learn the unwritten rules of the game as you play harder and get better.

Don't worry if afraid of coding, believe us, by knowing our tech setup formulas you don't need to know any "fancy name" algorithm or data-structure to get started.


Learn ToP platforms one should choose.

Which set of problems should be looked at?

How to think and change complexities of selected problems by your own?

What are cost effective algos and and how to practice writing them?


Days : 3
Time : 20 - 25 minutes each day


Rs.1599 (Offer Price: Rs.799)
(Excluding taxes)


Pankaj Bahuguna

(MPhil, MCA, M.Sc)

Himanshu Shukla

(MCA from HBTI)

Himanshu Shekhar

(MCA from Delhi University)


Certification of completion from Jump Academy

Bonus Courses

Competitive Coding Score Card


Complexity Scale-Up Formula


Competitive Coding Cost blueprint


1-to-1 clarity session with expert


Product Course Content

Top 3 recommended coding platform

Top 15 Areas in a problem bank

Top 3 areas to change complexities of selected problems

Characteristics to develop Adaptiveness for changes

1. 2 ways to estimate cost of proposed solutions
2. Importance of cost of an algorithm

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Coders working in any domain with beginner level of experience (0-5 years)
Fresh pass-out graduates
Pursuing engineering graduates

Understanding expectations from interviews at beginner level (0 -2 years experience)
Lifetime useful when building up an algorithm of a business solution

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