We Express Our Methodology of Building
& Grooming Adaptive Techies in 4 Steps

Business Centric Learning

Best of both methods of learning (1: Content - Centric & 2: Learner - Centric) are being picked in Jump Academy products & courses. This is to make an individual industry ready. Staring from fundamental to domain specific use cases are included in overall journey of engagements.

Collaborative Learning

Today, in the world of agility, collaboration is expected in every means. Be it agile software development, DevOps development or any new form of polyglot software development, the collaboration is key. In our One-O-One training, an individual feel like working in a team as on real grounds and solving business challenges together with other participants. Our facility is also designed in such a way where it promotes collaborative culture of learning.

We adopt following practices for formative learning:

  • 1. Involvement in project based learning
  • 2. Facility decoration to support collaborative learning

Formative Assessment

Assessment includes observations, discussion on a wider platform, building opportunities to assess student's learning and analysis of students' work and this information is used to adapt teaching and learning for meeting student's need.

We adopt following practices for formative assessment:

  • 1. Have constant communication
  • 2. Encourage openness
  • 3. Keeping Track of the Individual Data

Visual Learning

Most people say that "A Picture is worth a thousand words". Through the use of colors, images and words, mind mapping encourages students to begin with a central idea and expand outward to more in-depth sub-topics. Mind maps are particularly helpful in the writing process and provide students with a natural way of thinking and building thoughts on a story plot or theme.

We adopt following practices for visual learning:

  • 1. Mid-mapping tools
  • 2. Short videos